The BIM Task Group’s “Security Working Group” announced on 29 October at “ICE BIM 2014: Business as Usual” Conference in London that a BSI Publicly Available Specification (PAS), “PAS 1192-5: Specification for security-minded building information management, digital built environments and smart asset management”, is currently in development.

The PAS will outline security threats to the use of information during asset conception, procurement, design, construction, operation, and disposal.  It will address the steps required to create and cultivate an appropriate security mind-set and the security culture necessary to enable business to unlock new and more efficient processes and collaborative ways of working.

The intended audience for this PAS includes organisations and individuals responsible for the procurement, design, construction, delivery, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure assets.  Although specifically targeted at the use of Level 2 BIM, the requirements will provide a foundation to support the evolution of future digital built environments and will enable smart asset management.

from BIM Task Group