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Sirca Developer

Property Development Calculator and Automated Valuation Model

Sirca Developer is the first assisted homebuilding budgeting and residual appraisal cash flow calculator which provides estimated market rates on essential cost items as an assessment is being undertaken.

Sirca Developer creates a complete housebuilding budget for you, including providing a budget cost for land, professional fees, local authority costs, VAT, stamp duty land tax, Community Infrastructure Levy and inflation.

It can be used for:

  • 1 single plot; or
  • 1-30 multiple units

Download a sample selection of report pages that are generated with minimal effort. With just a few clicks you can ask the database to do all these things:


> Build Costs

  • Work out construction costs & professional fees
  • Choose build costs for timber frame or brick & block structures
  • Automatically calculate finance and interest charges on construction costs
  • Adjust build costs for national and regional prices
  • Use detailed tools for calculating preliminaries & other building overheads
  • Automatically update costs for inflation
  • Build costs are summarised in accordance with the new RICS NRM1

> Timing and Development Stages

  • Use the construction schedule & chart tools to work out how long building a house or bungalow will take
  • Follow the development timing chart to establish the stages of development
  • Follow the construction timing chart to establish the order of building works
  • Adjust & update the timing for project management & to assess the time impact on financing costs
  • Schedules of work and development timing are referenced to the RIBA Plan of Works
  • Get concise, essential and updated information to help you make informed decisions

> Land Costs & Values

  • Create plot assessments in less than 15 minutes to help you negotiate a better deal
  • Identify plots that are overpriced or under valued
  • Establish a fair price for selling land for housebuilding
  • Automatically calculate finance and interest costs on land ownership

> Local Authority Costs

  • Automatically calculate Community Infrastructure Levy taxes for your area & the impact on the feasibility of a potential project
  • Establish a budget for planning costs & planning consultants fees
  • Establish a budget for building regulations & building warranties

> Finance & Lenders Costs

  • Prepare a development budget & cash flow in minutes
  • Easily evaluate and test different build options to suit individual plots
  • Calculate interest costs for land loans, build only loans or combined development loans
  • Establish how much profit or equity a project should have or can sustain
  • Easily and quickly prepare a detailed funding appraisal

> Professional Fees

  • Establish the likely fees for architects, project management, surveyors, engineers & planners
  • Establish the likely costs for land surveys & soil investigations
  • Establish the likely fees for legal costs, boundary advice and estate agent costs
  • Establish the likely fees for sustainability advisors and energy rating certificates

> Taxes

  • Automatically calculate VAT, stamp duty and other house-building taxes
  • Assess when to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy
  • Assess the cash flow impact of VAT & when to reclaim
Print a fully detailed budget report ready for funding or evaluation. Save hours or even days of work as well as months of uncertainty.
Designed, developed and supported by a Chartered Surveyor with over 20 years experience.

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